efemr is a web and mobile app to post time-limited messages, photos and videos on Twitter!

Tweets have a short life span, and now efemr lets you decide, from the moment you publish, how long you would like your post to be visible. efemr is easy to use. Just connect your Twitter account, write your tweet as you usually do and then add a time-limit hashtag with the number of minutes or hours you would like your message to stay visible. Publish and it’s done!

Some of the practical uses:

Breaking and Financial news
Life Style
life style
Advertising and Promo codes
life style

Due to the different time zones and third party servers response time, efemr may not be able to delete tweets at the exact time chosen. There may be a delay of approximately 1 to 3 minutes.

About efemr
efemr is a Lean Startup - Contact - Twitter @efemrtwit - ©efemr 2013 All rights reserved

Press Kit
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efemr Privacy Policy (extract)
efemr uses only "Read Tweets from your timeline" from authentication sign in process with Twitter.

We store some basic information on the users of our service to track Hashtag. This includes your Twitter user ID(Token) and Twitter screen name.

We also store an access key allowing us to make Twitter API requests on your behalf. This is used so that we can check your account on a time basis for new tweets to delete. We only use this access for the purposes of providing our deletion service.

We do not share any information with 3rd parties. Protected Account will not appears on efemr. See full Privacy